Do you sometimes feel harmony is missing in the frantic pace of your life?

Do you want to be more embodied – connected – energised – radiant -healthy- integrated- insightful ?

My work offers reconnection with the joyful, vibrant and flowing nature of our world.

I am for you if you want to live differently. To live a more feeling, centred and connected life.

Working together through movement, meditation and deep inquiry

Let’s work together

 Establish the foundation of our lives in more alive dynamism

Allow ourselves to feel whatever is coming up so we release habitual obstacles for good

Expand and revitalise our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our future with pure potential

Capture the new experiences we gather within to refresh our lives and our vision

Be in touch with a gentle vibrant transformation of vision that shows us our larger original nature

My Offerings

Zhineng Qigong

We explore the practice of Zhineng Qigong with a focus on ease, flow and vitality, in small groups in person and online.

Mentoring & Guiding

Enabling you to open up new horizons in your voyage of self-discovery, 

Psychedelic Support

An experienced psychedelic retreat facilitator and guide to support you through the turmoil and opportunities.

Revealing our greater ever-present potential that is hidden only by lack of spaciousness and a superficial busyness

“As once the winged energy of delight carried you over childhood’s dark abysses, now beyond your own life build the great arch of unimagined bridges.”

Rainer Maria Rilke