A little background

I am a British Guyanese woman of African and Arawak descent. My early life experiences gave me an empathic kinship with outsiders. This enables me to bridge gaps between unexpected, conflicting and sometimes challenging insights for myself and others.

I supported individuals, groups and organisations for over thirty years with the benefits of the human potential movement. In my own evolution, I have grown most through body-mind-spirit holistic approaches in Indian and Chinese Tantra (including body work) Zen Buddhism, Taoist and Qigong practices, Consciousness, Mentoring and Mystery School training. These and many more are the practices I have integrated in my life and work.

My greatest pleasure is working with people who are meeting challenging growth edges in any aspect of their lives and who want to grow.

I am a voyager… throughout my life I have learned to live on the edges between many worlds.

Qigong is a profoundly sophisticated and apparently simple path that weaves all these insights together in me, which is why it is at the centre of my offerings to you.

Seeking the connections that illuminate the moment

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The session with Karen really helped me to see and feel more clarity and spaciousness as I set up my business. I loved the tools we used which sparked my inner knowing and there were a few aha moments! Karen has a warm welcoming and intuitive presence and beautiful space. I would highly recommend her. 

Corrinna Bain, shiatsu practitioner and facilitator, 2023