Deeper personal exploration one to one and in groups

How should I live?”, for many of us this is the fundamental question for achieving a meaningful life.

 How I work as a Guide and Mentor

Finding outstanding support

Often our first answer is to try to find purpose in striving for achievement. Yet with our shifting life experiences, despite our achievements, we find ourselves returning to this question again and again without finding satisfaction:

What is my nature and how should I love” may be the deeper life question

This is the inquiry I help you to work with. 

I am available both online and in person in Glasgow, Scotland.

I work in with many modalities to help you to make sense of what is moving in your life, often in multiple directions at the same time:

Who am I now? Meaning

What matters most? Heart

Where am I now? Clarity 

Where I want to go? Vision

How I do that? Integration

So that your dreams and your everyday can merge and grow together

Someone who will hold all my different parts lightly because of all the diverse directions in my life. 

As well as safety I want challenging questions and searching honesty

In other words I want deep contact to know I am really met. 

I know that observation that challenges my complacency is the real gift. 

And some one who believes that vastness is our real truth.


Individual sessions are tailored for you and may include:

  • synthesis inquiry
  • meditation
  • gestalt inquiry
  • breathing and movement
  • visualisation
  • intimacy and relating
  • ritual and ceremony
  • oracle and archetype visioning
  • dream work
  • pattern discernment using the sensing channels
  • role play
  • embrace

work with me

I am for you if you are seeking an opportunity to explore your life with someone who is:

  • Enabling

  • Practical

  • Clarifying

  • Works both with the big picture and with specifics

  • Not applying not one or two systems, but many well tested pragmatic approaches

  • Can meet all aspects of you to help you tackle your widest range of issues in the right order

  • Used to living in the uncertain territory of the unknown

  • Understands heightened and altered states

  • Supports the sacred aspects of life

  • Flexible about how much or little support you are seeking

What is my nature and how should I love?

Frequently asked questions

What is the next step?

Sign up for a free consultation to see if we are a fit and to identify your intentions. We will spend 30 minutes exploring your needs and desires.

What length is a one to one programme?

Usually we start with a package of 4 or 6 sessions to be completed within 3 month so you can explore in a deep dive.


Sliding scale £80 – £50 per hour. 

Let’s work together so that your dreams and your everyday can merge and grow together

New groups coming soon