An experienced guide to support you

The challenge we face with unusual experiences is that we tend to ricochet between excitation and ordinary life. So how do you integrate the two to enhance the way you live day to day?

Many people respond by diving into one experience after another, forgetting the larger purpose that had drawn them to this path. Exploring deeper insights and the answers can maximise the benefits you are really seeking. This helps to create lasting change rather than losing the momentum of the new when you return to normal life. Is a connection with your truer self calling?

Our deeper task is not to accumulate experience endlessly, it is to create a shift in meaning.

Any fundamental change is always challenging.

What many of us want is a larger dynamic vision of life that affects us practically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, spiritually, consciously; This leads us out of mind-led disconnected living into more of the original nature we were born with. So we can again experience ourselves as integral part of an interconnecting and healthy world of relationship and beauty – even with our challenges.

Qigong is a beautiful complement to psychedelics because it allows space throughout your system for both intensity in the moment and the ripple effects in your life.

With me you may choose to…

  • Find space to meet and digest your experience

  • Value and savour your learning

  • Learn how to navigate the changes within and around you 

  • Create new ways of being that also generate connection with others in your life.  

  • Where your experiences are daunting, allow necessary feelings to arise and be accepted 

  • Be able to move on with ease and flow rather than carrying internal conflict 

Support before and after, what I offer…

With Preparation before your journey, to help you arrive resourced and ready to negotiate whatever you meet 

With Integration after your journey, as you shift through periods of uncertainty, loss or confusion to take advantage of the opportunities that await you and so embody the gifts you have received.

I am experienced Ceremony facilitator. I have worked in legal settings previously in Synthesis Retreats and now with Awaken The Medicine Within.

I am a certified Psychedelic Practitioner and former Learning Mentor for a comprehensive year long programme for trainee practitioners with Synthesis

I have been a psychedelic retreat facilitator with Awaken The Medicine Within (ATMW) providing transformative group experiences for women, mixed groups and leaders (Stewards). I recommend their programmes whole-heartedly

If you are a leader seeking to bring the power and potential of psychedelic insight into your working life as well as in you personal journey ATMW offers an exciting regenerative leadership five day retreat creating a community of like-minded professionals in each programme.

Our deeper task is not to accumulate experience endlessly, it is to create a shift in meaning.

Deep meaning is found in the space between words and action that is called emptiness. Let us meet there.

Frequently asked questions

Is a guide always the best option?

No, not necessarily. Some people enjoy exploring on their own or with friends. Relying on someone you don’t trust or who does not give you full agency is not likely to give you the best results. Choosing carefully what you want to experience and with who and where will reap huge benefits in my experience.

Psychonauts talk about set and setting. It’s all about what supports your best mindset and is a great setting for you.

How do I choose what, when, where and who with?

Know that extraordinary journeys can be powerful or very subtle. Be prepared to get what you need not what you think you want. There is a world of experienced people to consult with very different intentions, processes and goals. So take advice from people you feel really comfortable with and be prepared to balance support and safety with the cost of providing that effort.

How can I best use my free session?

When you book for a psychedelic introductory call, you will receive a short questionnaire that will help you focus and prioritise what matters most to you at this time.

How does psychedelic guidance work?

After our free call, you may want deeper support in the many ways of preparing for a journey. There is a lot of free advice out there but sometimes working with someone who knows you and can tailor the conversation may be useful for a one-off session. Similarly, if you are struggling to bring your life back together after a big journey or facing disappointment because it has not been the ‘magic pill’ you hoped for, a guide can help you process and take stock giving you ideas about how to take things forward.

Sometimes setting several sessions can be helpful to monitor and guide your own process and progress. So expect to get some clear options if this feels helpful and also to be free to go on your way if our initial conversation meets your needs.

Meeting you at the doorways of perception